Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

fried rice
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) - Nasi goreng or actually fried rice in English, is food made from rice which is fried with spices and other ingredients. Fried rice is a popular food in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Rice is one of important traditional Chinese cuisine, according to historical records already existed around 4000 BC. Fried rice then spread to Southeast Asia brought by Chinese nomads who settled there and created the typical local fried rice which is based on the difference in the spices and how to fry. Fried rice is actually emerged from several properties in the Chinese culture, that does not like to eat cold food and also remove the remaining food a few days earlier. Hence, the cold rice then fried to be served again at the table.


Indonesian Food - Rendang - Rendang is one of Minangkabau (an ethnic goup in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia) traditional dishes that use meat and coconut milk as a main ingredient and enriched with spices. Rendang, a dish with a spicy flavor is favored by the Indonesian community, and can be found all over the Padang Restaurant in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries. This dish is sometimes better known as Rendang Padang, but rendang is Minang cuisine in general.


Indonesian Food - Bakso - Bakso or baso or meatball is a food, commonly made from ground meat blended with other ingredients. rolled into balls (small and sometimes bigger) and then to be cooked. Generally bakso are cooked by stewing, but can also by baking, frying, or steaming. Unlike sausage, making bakso is without process of curing, casing and smoking.

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