Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)

fried rice
Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice) - Nasi goreng or actually fried rice in English, is food made from rice which is fried with spices and other ingredients. Fried rice is a popular food in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Rice is one of important traditional Chinese cuisine, according to historical records already existed around 4000 BC. Fried rice then spread to Southeast Asia brought by Chinese nomads who settled there and created the typical local fried rice which is based on the difference in the spices and how to fry. Fried rice is actually emerged from several properties in the Chinese culture, that does not like to eat cold food and also remove the remaining food a few days earlier. Hence, the cold rice then fried to be served again at the table.

fried rice
Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) is also known as the national dish of Indonesia. Of the many dishes in Indonesia cuisine vocabulary, there is little that can be considered a true national dish. This national cuisine of Indonesia is known without boundaries of social class. Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) can be enjoyed simply on the roadside stalls, vending carts, to the restaurant and the buffet table in the party.

There are many kinds of nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) recipes but the main element is the rice, cooking oil, soy sauce. In addition, many other extras that can be included, such as vegetables, meat, sauces, hot sauce, crackers and fried eggs.

fried rice
Nasi goreng or fried rice in Indonesia and in other countries may have their own variations depending on the area of ​​origin and ingredients or materials used. This variation is usually influenced by food that is commonly used by local communities and the influence of neighboring herb seasoning, ethnic or cultural influences that came to the inherent foreign country. Several variations of the popular nasi goreng/fried rice in Indonesia include the following:
  1. Nasi goreng ikan asin or Salted fish fried rice: Using salted fish, one of Indonesia's popular fried rice variation.
  2. Nasi goreng Jawa or Javanese Fried Rice: the fried rice is usually seasoned with chili grind that makes it spicy. Commonly using vegetables like bean sprouts.
  3. Nasi goreng kambing or Mutton Fried Rice: Using mutton, this kind of fried rice has a distinctive aroma.
  4. Nasi goreng petai or Stinky-bean Fried Rice: Using stinky-bean as a mixture, it is favored by groups of stinky-bean lovers.
  5. Nasi goreng Pattaya or Pattaya fried rice (from Thailand): the fried rice is wrapped in an omelet.
  6. Nasi goreng putih or White Fried Rice: the fried rice is to use soy sauce as a marinade so the color is whitish.
  7. Nasi goreng Fukien or Fukien (or Fujian) Fried rice: (but not from Fujian) is a fried rice that comes from the Canton area, usually served with sauce on it.
  8. Nasi goreng Singapura or Singapore Fried Rice: actually the fried rice is not from Singapore, this is a cuisine of Canton, with yellow curry seasoning.
  9. Nasi goreng Yangchow or Yangchow (or Yangzhou) fried rice: (also called special fried rice) - although the so-called "Yangzhou", the fried rice is actually not from Yangzhou. Usually served with shrimp and roast beef. Other popular special fried rice is omelet fried rice.
  10. Nasi goreng Yuanyang or Yuanyang Fried Rice: the fried rice is served with two sauces. the white and red sauce. Sometimes the sauce was served in the Yin Yang symbol or Taichi symbols.
  11. Nasi goreng Arab or Fried Rice of Arab Habbatussauda (not from Arabic, but many of Indonesia's distinctive creations using Arabic native herb as the primary seasoning). Generally using lamb and lots of cumin and herbs.
  12. Nasi goreng Jepang Ashita or Japanese Ashita Fried Rice (not from Japan, but Indonesian distinctive creations). Named Japanese fried rice as using of Ashitaba originating from Japan. Ashitaba are very popular herbal for health in Japan. The use of this material led to the fried rice looks unique colored green leaves. Additional mixture including smoked meats, pickled pineapple, melinjo (G. gnemon) chips and an omelet.
  13. The various types of fried rice in Indonesia is an expression of creativity of Indonesian people in preparing culinary creations with various types of flavor, influenced by both local basic ingredients and international cuisine flavor.

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